Elden Ring Flask of Cerulean Tears

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I don’t use them that often, but I guess mage characters need them. So, if you’re a mage…
Tarnished, get your flasks, and get on your journey!

Its height is 11,8 cm and its widest point is 7 cm.
Weights around 120 grams.

There are 2 versions:
LIQUID: It’s filled with regular distilled water and pigments/colors.
SOLID: Colored transparent resin is in place of the liquid content. Can’t be slushed around for fun.

Coloring may slightly vary and the content of each flask will look a bit different as these are all cast by hand.

IMPORTANT: Your order will be sent after 7 days from when you placed your order. Check your confirmation mail with the tracking number. Overseas orders will take longer to arrive.

I am in no way affiliated with FromSoftware and this is not
official merchandise, but merely fan-created content.

solid versions

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