Bioshock Rabbit Splicer

$ 49.00


Step into the world of Bioshock with my handcrafted Bunny Splicer Pendant!
This unique piece is inspired by the crazy splicers that inhabit the underwater city of Rapture in the beloved game Bioshock. The pendant features a detailed bunny splicer mask, which can be left blank or enhanced with sweet resin blood spatter for a more intense look. My attention to detail ensures that this pendant captures the essence of the Bioshock universe, making it the perfect accessory for any fan of the game. Wear it as a subtle nod to your favorite game or as a statement piece for cosplay.
Order now and add a touch of Bioshock to your jewelry collection!

This is a 98% genuine lead-free pewter pendant, hand-sculpted, real metal cast, and weathered right here in my workshop!
Length 5,1 cm and Width is 2,4 cm. Can be purchased as a blank or with resin blood spatter.
Weight 17 grams.
No 3D printed parts!

IMPORTANT: Your order will be sent after 7 days from when you placed your order. Check your confirmation mail with the tracking number. Oversea orders will take longer to arrive. I'm not Amazon and I do not offer Prime. I have a fleet of viking ships.

This is not official merchandise, merely fan created content.

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