Estus Flask Replica – Dark Souls

$ 59.00


Available with solid and liquid contents!

This Estus Flask is filled with souls to prevent you from dying during your journey.
Which actually might happen a couple of times. Or more often than you want…
Dark Souls is no doubt a hard game, some say.

Nonetheless, praise the sun, but don’t chug this Estus!

Its height is 12.3 cm and its widest point 6.3 cm.
Weights around 100 (solid) to 130 (liquid) grams.

The color gradient may slightly vary as these are all cast by hand.

IMPORTANT: Your order will be sent as soon as I can. Check your confirmation mail with the tracking number. Overseas orders will take longer to arrive.

I am in no way affiliated with FromSoftware and this is not
official merchandise, but merely fan-created content.

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