GH-057 STORY: DOUBLE STARS (Official Cover)

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GH-057 Story: Double Stars takes you on a rumbling ride through the now galaxy as Ghost and Mallory work together to find safety, the precious material carabalt, and an unusual friendship.

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Looking for a thrilling new graphic novel to add to your collection?
Look no further than GH-057 STORY: DOUBLE STARS! Written by Folkenstal and featuring stunning artwork by Hoàng Trọng Thiện from Light Comic Studio, this manga-style graphic novel is sure to captivate readers.

Follow along as Mallory Embers and the enigmatic outsider Ghost journey through the galaxy in search of safety and the rare material, Carabalt. But with a familiar face threatening to derail their mission, can they succeed?
Find out in GH-057 STORY: DOUBLE STARS, a rumbling ride filled with action, adventure, and an unlikely friendship.

With 136 pages in total, including a few color pages at the beginning and end, this graphic novel is the perfect addition to any manga or comic fan’s collection. Plus, with worldwide shipping available, you can enjoy this thrilling story no matter where you are. Don’t wait – click to read the first chapter for free and order your copy of GH-057 STORY: DOUBLE STARS today!

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  • Created and written by Folkenstal
  • Art by Hoàng Trọng Thiện from Light Comics Studio
  • This graphic novel has 136 pages in total
  • drawn “manga-style”
  • Has a few color pages at the beginning and end, but is mainly black and white
  • page size is DIN A5
  • Shipping is WORLDWIDE!

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