Skyrim Burial Urn Replica + free Septim

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The Burial Urn is an item that can be found in nordic tombs in Skyrim.
They sometimes contain potions, jewels, Septims, or are empty. This one comes with a free Septim!
The burial urn comes painted and weathered. You can use it as an urn for your beloved pets as I did.

Consists of 2 resin-cast parts, the container, and the lid. The lid needs to be glued on if you want to seal the urn completely.
Circumference at the bottom: 27 cm
Circumference at the top: 33 cm
Circumference of the opening: 23 cm
Height with the lid on top: 22 cm
No 3D-printed parts!

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This is not official Bethesda merchandise, merely fan-created content.


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