warmaiden – dark silver pigment

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The warmaiden silver pigment is slightly darker than the silver hand. Can be used as variation in brightness for your projects.
Works well in transparent resin and for cold casting.

Pigments are an easy way to add metallic, glitter and color effects to your castings. Mix them with your resin or brush your mold with metallic pigments to get a nice finish for your projects.
Some of the pigments are best used in transparent resin while others are best used to be brushed in a mold.

My collection of personal pigments and powders is now available for your own use!
All pigments are selected carefully and tested through many projects and those who did well are now an integral part of my work.

The pigments come in a 2 g or 10 g container.
3 g are suitable for test castings and small project while 10 g
are perfect for frequent users and bigger projects.

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