White Skull Guitar – Coco

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The white guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz or as we all know by now it’s actually Hector’s guitar (!) is now available as a pendant!
Let your heart strings be pulled by having this guitar close to you. If you have been touched by this movie the you don’t want to miss having this charming little Coco guitar pendant for your collection!

This is a 98% genuine lead-free pewter pendant (non-allergic materials), some procentage of copper, sculpted by hand, cast and produced right here in my workshop!
I’t’s based on the white guitar from the Disney movie Coco and its length from top to bottom is 7 cm (2.75”) and thickets part is 7 mm (0.275″).
The pendant shows its details from both sides no matter if it’s flipped over or not.
weight 42 g.

This is a very limited run of pendants, because they’re handmade!

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