Spriggan Soul Gem Holder (small)

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Inspired by the Spriggans of Skyrim, this Soul Gem holder glows in the dark.
It comes with one randomly chosen Soul Gem that can be removed from the holder at any time.

The colors of the soul gems will be random and vary from blue to purple.
The size of the petty soul gem is around 7.5 x 2.7 cm and with the holder, it’s 11.4 cm total height.
No 3D printed parts, each piece is handmade!

IMPORTANT: Your order will be sent after 7 days from when you placed your order. Check your confirmation mail with the tracking number. Overseas orders will take longer to arrive. I'm not Amazon and I do not offer Prime shipping. I have a fleet of Viking ships :D

I am in no way affiliated with Bethesda and this is not
official merchandise, merely fan-created content.

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