Skyrim Stalhrim Dagger – Resin Replica

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The Stalhrim Dagger is for adventurer who prefer Stalhrim weapons from Solstheim.

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It is cast in polyurethane and resin, mixed with metal powder to get a metallic effect.
The blade is pearly blue and partially translucent.
The dagger comes fully assembled, sanded and buffed out, as seen in the video below.

This items comes ready to use.

Please only use it for cosplay purposes.
Do not harm your fellow cosplayers nor other people.

additional information:
Dimensions in cm: 45 x 10 x 3.5
weight around 200 grams

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  1. Christopher

    I purchased this replica a few months ago and I have admired it every single day since. It is a true work of art and completely worth the asking price. I have a large collection of video game props and replicas and I can safely say that Folkenstal’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is unmatched. Highly recommended! :)

  2. Andre (verified owner)

    If you’re a true Skyrim fan you will see the real value in having such a unique and striking replica. It’s nice having something that looks and feels handcrafted like this, just makes it extra special somehow. The handle is especially great with the fur and the leather binding. The blade itself or the Stalhrim is my favourite part with it’s icy blue colour and intricate texture that really makes it stand out among other blades and catch your attention, wonderful thing to mount on a wall. Well recommended.

  3. Sam (verified owner)

    I just received my dagger a few days ago and it is beautiful! If you’re looking for a true to game Skyrim prop I would highly recommend purchasing from Folkenstal. I am very happy to own this piece & I would definitely buy another prop from here in the future :)

  4. Lorraine Escapita (verified owner)

    My family and I are huge fans of the Elder Scrolls games. When I ran across Folkenstal I was very excited and hopeful for some good quality prop replicas, I’m really picky and quality is most important.

    I ordered an Ebony dagger, Stahlrim dagger, and Dragon Bone dagger. Words can’t describe how pleased I am with the daggers! The craftsmanship is exquisite and the attention to detail is extraordinary! It’s as if the game items were modeled after these items instead of the other way around.

    I would highly recommend Folkenstal to anyone looking for top quality replicas!

  5. Allison

    My friend and I love the Elder Scrolls games, we ordered our daggers from here when my friend happened to find this site when looking up weapon designs and the prices were pretty good. I have used my dagger multiple times since the convention I bought it for. I love this dagger and I will use it a lot in the future and would recommend it to any Elder Scrolls fan.

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